Having the right attitude towards money is something that we should cultivate within ourselves on a daily basis.


Doing it correctly ensures we live a rich and fulfilling life,doing it wrong though would leave you without the comfort of money.

To secure your future.You would have to change your outlook on money  so that you can acquire wealth of an enduring nature.

Below are my top 6 Ways of Cultivating the Right attitude towards money.


1. Consider your salaried job as a means to an end.

Many people are content with the salaried lifestyle,not that there is anything wrong with it.The only problem here is that it can lull people into a false sense of security.

Those who harbour this false sense of security suffer a rude awakening when they are let go from their jobs or see their companies go down under.

Those who consider their jobs as a means to an end and save a portion of their salary and invest it in worthy projects would have something to fall back on during the hard times.

2. Prioritize relationships over money.

We live in a time when parents use the age old excuse:

I am building an empire for my children so that they won’t have to suffer through all the hardships i endured growing up.

But this statements causes more harm than good in the lifes of the children.Children are not the only casualties,wives and other close family members suffer through it too.

In a bid to fulfill this promise.Parents spends a considerable amount of time chasing this dream at the expense of valuable time with their children especially in their formative years.

Having a proper work and personal life balance saves you from enstranging yourself from your family members.

3. Stop Incurring debts.

  • Knowing the difference between wants and needs will keep you from incurring unnecessary debts.
  • Avoiding expensive habits like gambling,drinking,smoking and any other unhealthy vices.

4. Seek financial advice from professionals to put everything in perspective for you.

Having an extra pair of eyes especially professional ones would help you plug up some holes in your pocket.

5. Don’t Showoff.It blows off your cash flow.

Sadly many people are trying to impress or compete with their neighbours,friends and their social media followers by showing off their extravagant lifestyle ruining themselves in the process.

6. It’s more blessed to give than to receive.

Many of the world’s top philanthropist are cashing in from the above statement.I believe it is one of those laws of nature that many people don’t know about,the few who do are taking advantage of it.So i implore you,if you find someone in need and you are in position to help them.Please don’t hesitate to do so.

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