Whether making a multimillion dollar presentation,attending a job interview,commanding a platoon of soldiers.There is one very important quality that would give you an edge in the above listed fields and ofcourse in anything you choose to engage in and that is :Self-Confidence.


Self Confidence is easily recognisable in individuals who possess it as it is evidenced in their actions,body language,manner of speech among other admirable qualities.

Infact,one man i believe who had it in abundance and used it to great acclaim becoming in my opinion the greatest influencer in modern history:The Late Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs revolutionized not just one but six industries namely: Personal computers,music,tablet computing,mobile phones,retailing and digital publishing.Thanks to him we now enjoy certain liberties.


Self confidence is highly contagious, it can fill men with enthusiasm to follow you into battle because they believe in your abilities as a leader.Without it  no one would pay attention to you.

To become self confident.There are certain things that you must endeavour to get rid off.They are:

1. Fear:


Fear is the main reason for poverty,misery and failure. Since the beginning of time fear has robbed a great number of people of their chance at a better life.

By overthinking things.We fear things that will probably never ever happen, hence ruining our initiative and resulting in us being defeated before we even step into the field of battle.

Solution:Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing,it is how we use it that matters.All we have to do is figure out a way to use it as fuel for fight and not for flight.

2 .Lack of Knowledge:


Many people never seek to escape from the shackles of ignorance that holds them captive.The sad thing about it is that  ignorance can be passed down from one generation to another with far greater consequences,if nothing is done to stop it.

Solution:By acquiring knowledge and the necessary skills.You open yourself to situations and opportunities that would require the application of the acquired knowledge or skill,building your self confidence in the process and strengthening it more,the higher up the ladder you climb.It can also put you in the midst of Kings and Queens.

3. Following the Crowd:

When you follow the crowd,you lose your individuality.Becoming like everyone else which is not so different than the clueless sheep.There is nothing spectacular about the sheep.

Solution: Choose not to go the way of least resistance.Don’t be like the sheep,be more like the wolf.Stay hungry and blaze your own trail.

Fortune favours the brave.

Some tools to build up your Self Confidence:

  • Self affirmation: Saying something repeatedly to self,has a way of re-inforcing your self belief and can result in an unseen force of nature ordering your efforts towards the attainment of your goal.

Take detailed Notes:


In the journey of self discovery,you will encounter failures. It takes a special kind of person to recognise when he/she is being schooled by failure and then adjust his/her mindset accordingly.When you realize this you will find undiscovered treasures,develop strength of character,lasting endurance and above all self confidence at the end of your journey.



Self confidence comes with mastery.Again like the wolf learn to be persistent in the chase,the wolf might not be the fastest but it can outrun its prey with dogged determination.

Thanks for reading.Pleased stay tuned for more awesome blog posts.Cheers






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