There is a monster that has been prowling the earth,since time immemorial.It roams unseen amongst us.Any where it goes,it leaves behind it a trail of destruction.


Indeed it is the entity most responsible for all the wars that has ever been fought in the history,the wars being fought now and if not properly contained will continue to cause still more wars.

What is this monster i speak of ?

This monster is called Intolerance.


Intolerance is the son of ignorance.He was born into the world with one principal defect.This defect  is color blindness.He can not see the colors of reason,logic and facts.


Because of this deformity he hates and seeks to destroy any religion,race,tribe,political ideals or way of life that is opposed his world views

Sad thing is this monster lives within us


and is responsible for the suffering,misery,heartbreaks and ultimately the death of people close to us even extends to those who live on the far side of the world.

Now this monster is not only dangerous to people around us but also like the cigarrete smoking cancerous to our health,relationships and businesses.

If you look through all the countries that has been or is being ravaged by war.You will see that their economy,natural resources and infrastructures are all crippled and it will take them many years maybe never to rebuild or recover what has been lost.And the cause of this needless waste of lives,properties and resources- Intolerance.


Intolerance if allowed to fester in relationships will cause most marriages to end up in divorce courts,will cause close friends to end up as bitter enemies and is the reason why brothers or sisters turn on each other.


Intolerance is a ticking time bomb💣 waiting to explode,if not disarmed in time.When differences in the workplace,between couples,friends,siblings,partners or countries become irreconcilliable.There will always be repercussions.

When two opposing parties struggle like two factions involved in a tug of war.


It is the grass that always suffers!

In divorce proceedings,the children suffers.In business patnerships,the business suffers.Intolerance is never productive,it is a purely destructive force.

The mark of a truly enlightened mind is the purging of this monster from our consciousness with the understanding that no one had any say whatsoever on how they came to belong to any religion,tribe,race or way of life and that it is usually fostered upon us by our surroundings,from birth or by circumstance.Which is to say they are inherited.

Our time on earth is brief and should not be spent always being at odds with our neighbours simply because they come from different backgrounds.We should be more tolerable of each other and learn to look past religions,skin colors,tribes and ideals and just learn to embrace them for who they are and not what they are or what they stand for.

Be more like Jesus in the bible who saw a possible friend in the harlot about to be stoned to death,never had trouble feasting with “sinners” like the tax collector.Even his twelve disciples came from different backgrounds.

When you are at peace with your neighbours.You will never run short of an helping hand.I am a christian and i have among my best friends a Muslim.

If you can tolerate everyone regardless of their difference,your world and the world by extension will be a better place.

Thanks for reading.Stay tuned for more awesome

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