The best gifts are the one you don’t see coming, this was particularly true for Doctor Okafor who had just clocked out from his night shift and was heading home to catch up on the lost hours of sleep.

There were not many doctors in the hospital he had just signed off from, as a matter of fact there were just 4 qualified doctors that is excluding the owner of the hospital who claimed to be a doctor but was instead a pain in the ass.


The problem was not that the hospital did not have the funds to employ more doctors, but that the owner did not want to fork out more cash. He was greedy like that, maybe if he saved more people than he saved money they would not have to turn back more people who sorely needed medical attention.


A small percentage of the patients Doctor Okafor had treated he had paid for out of his own pocket. He could afford to because he had other profitable business ventures aside from his medical practice which was ran by a very trustworthy manager. His Father had drummed it into him since childhood, the advantages of having multiple sources of income, thank God he had listened because the money he was being paid was peanuts compared to what he was making from his other gigs.


He did not mind the small pay as he cared more about helping the poor and less about making money from what he loved doing,this was why he had signed up for the work at the hospital in the first place, maybe when he had acquired sufficient funds he would build a free health care clinic because God knows the people surely needed it, until then he would do his best to help as many people as he could.


He brought his full attention back to the road because there appeared to be a military checkpoint of some sort up ahead. The uniformed men flagged him to a stop which he did, No sooner had he stopped did he have guns pointed at his head


he was ordered to step out of the vehicle which he promptly did realising too late that they were armed robbers disguised as soldiers. Then he had a torchlight shone on his face after which he heard someone shout out :

Is that my old friend Dr Okafor, I can never forget that face, Leave him alone”

Then he heard some one rush out from behind the light and in a few seconds he was gathered up in the arms of this mountain of a man in a tight bearhug.


Then he was led to somewhere more private away from the hotspot by the huge monster of a man to where they could talk all the while he was wondering where he had met the man.

Then the huge man asked “do you remember me?” Dr Okafor searched his brain using the man’s face for reference but was finding it difficult to recognize  him. Then the man replied “i don’t blame you if you have difficulty remembering since it has been ten years since i last made your acquaintance, nevertheless i will refreshen your memory”. Then he continued

Ten years ago, a boy was rushed to your hospital, that boy had just been in a serious motor accident and had lost a lot of blood, I tried getting him to be admitted into the hospital but the owner of the hospital at the time demanded payment be made first before he would even consider administering treatment, i told him that i had no money on me at the moment but would get it by the morrow, he told me he was sorry that it was hospital policy to refuse treatment until payment was made but that instead of wasting my time here i should rush my son to the free clinic at Amazor. I watched helplessly as the life was slowly draining out of my boy, I told the doctor that the clinic you speak of is two hours thirty minutes drive away from here, In this bad weather conditions plus the bad state of the road he would die before he reaches the hospital, but even after all i had said he shrugged it off like it made no difference to him and just when i was losing hope You gestured to me out of the sight of the owner of the hospital to meet you outside. You had in your hands an envelope which you quickly gave to me, You said in there is $500, that should cover up admission and treatment for your son go do that now. Due to the urgency of the situation i thanked you and rushed to place it on the hands of the owner of the hospital who could not believe that i could come up with the money for admission so quickly, he was about to count when i assured him it was all in there, he looked into the envelope and was convinced it was there indeed. Then he went into action and wheeled my son to the operating room. I heard him shout to the nurse get me Doctor Okafor and like a ghost you appeared out of nowhere like you were waiting to be tagged into the fight. Thanks to you, you helped my son fight his way out of death and because of that i am eternally grateful.”


still staring and listening to him talk, Doctor Okafor was at a loss for words yet the man continued :

Circumstances forced me to take up this line of work, as you might have noticed i am the ring leader of this band of thieves and i wield a large influence in the underworld. I am glad i was around to help you in your hour of  need and to stop anything unpleasant from happening to you. I can see you are exhausted therefore i will not take up any more of your time infact i will get one of my boys to drive you home and another as an escort and i will not accept No for an answer.With no choice in the matter I accepted his offer and was offered a number and a name that should i meet any further incident in the future, all I had to do is call the said number and everything will be taken care of “This is the little i can do compared to what you did for my boy, Plus i never got a chance to really say thank you, daylight is fast approaching so we both better be on our way, my boys will drive you home now, take care and bye.

That was how Dr Okafor avoided a most uncomfortable situation thanks to the help he had rendered to a Man in desperate need of it years back.

Dr Okafor thought within himself :

I never knew that help given a long time ago would find me out today in such an hairy situation that would have turned out differently,if i was the type that just minded my own business and ignored all the suffering around me even if i have the power or resources to help those in need of it

So what’s the point of having all that power,knowledge,resources or money if it can not benefit your fellow man.


Remember folks.We are all in some way connected with each other and one day you might need something from the perceived poor man in the future that might possibly save your life.

Thanks for reading.Stay tuned for more awesome blogposts.Cheers

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