What makes The Incredible hulk Incredible is how powerful,strong unstoppable he becomes the angrier he gets.I wonder how anger qualifies him to be a Super Hero.

When he gets into his mindless rage.Everything and everyone becomes consumed by it even his clothes don’t escape unscathed.

If anything he should be classified as a supervillian.I guess the movie producers saw no sense in him always being in a state of rage hence his humanization in the latest movies he was featured in.

Now one character i totally respect is the Batman.He has got no superpower to boast of save ofcourse his superior intellect that enables him to see problems from multiple angles and come up with hundred different solutions for it.


His calmess under pressure is something to be admired and desired.He is by far the most interesting character moreso because he is more realistic and relateable and has a lot of things to teach us.

Listed in no specific order are my pick of his admirable qualities.

1.He never lets his anger control his actions.

2.He is in peak physical shape

3.Has good self defense combat skills.

4.He balances work and play

5.He has an eye for talent and only surrounds himself with trusthworthy and capable individuals.

6.He builds rather than destroys thanks to his deep pockets.

He is not all saint but compared to many.He is a safe choice and can be fully relied upon when it matters most.

From the two characters you can see that the first one is destructive and the other productive.Frankly i believe if such a man like the hulk existed he would have burned out his heart a long time ago.

Anger has its place in its proper setting and can be quite beneficial if used properly because like a sword it is dangerous both to the handler and the person it’s pointing to as it cuts both ways.

So the next time you are thinking of smashing your way out of everything like the hulk,remember this post and instead think up solutions first before you act like the Batman.

Thanks for reading.Stay tuned for more awesome blogposts.Cheers


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