This is the age of the machines.As the years go by it is putting a lot of people out of jobs and those who do not adapt and roll with the punches of the changing times will see themselves knocked out of their feet.


A large percentage of the educational institutions are still stuck in the old ways of educating people which frankly i think is a shame considering most of what was applicable before the age of the internet is not compatible with the times we are living in.


For example most student spend years studying for jobs they have no chance of getting or keeping when they enter the labor market because those jobs have been taken over by machines because companies are more concerned about their bottom line and so therefore will choose machines over man in order to reduce their labour costs coupled with the fact that machines do not go on leave,they require little downtimes,they can do the work of a hundred men in a fraction of the time and even better for a fraction of the cost.


Today the internet has taken over the task of educating people on all subject matters and in this age of information. You can learn anything at the push of several keys on your keyboard.

Since we are entering a new age in science and technology especially in this new age of awareness.It is imperative that the government changes the old system of education in favour of a more modern beneficial system of education to fit our time.

If not then the onus is on us to take matters into our own hands in the education of those who are under our care and are ignorant of the changes that is slowly but surely creeping in on us.

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