This world is but a canvas to our imagination-Henry David Thoreau

Imagination is the ability of the mind to be resourceful or creative.It is this ability that has made humans the most successful beings on the planet.How else can you explain man lord it over the wild beasts that has more going for them with their more deadly arsenal in the form of their teeth,claws and formidable strength -Here man shows the power of mind over matter.


One of the things that has set humans apart from the animal kingdom is the gift of Imagination.Our imagination has produced flying machines that has enabled us to fly like the birds of the sky and has even launched us out of earth’s atmosphere.This is something that would have been considered impossible a thousand years ago.

Imagination is the true Magic Carpet

– Norman Vincent Peale

The world we live in is a product of our imagination.We have terraformed the earth to suit our needs even now we seek to terraform other planets so it can become habitable for us humans.


Imagination can also serve as a potent form of self motivation to bring to reality that picture we hold of ourself in our mind’s eyes.Whether it be of a great footballer,movie star,scientist,artist or as President.Whatever it is nothing is impossible.

You need imagination in order to imagine a future that doesn’t exist -Azar Nafisi

Companies like Coca-cola and Nike are wildly successful today because they employ the use of imagination in their advertisements to sell their products and it has been widly successful for them.

If you can source out and form an alliance with people of great imagination just like the late Steve Jobs did with the founders of Pixar animation Studio- Edwin Catmull and Alvy Ray Smith you will always come out on top.


Imagination is also referred to as the mind’s eye.It is what has enabled the greatest sculptor of all time to carve out one masterpiece after the other out of a slab of stone solely from his imagination.


What one person sees as a desert of disappointments with a little imagination another person can see as an oasis of opportunities .There are opportunities all around us,only a man with great imagination can see them and capitalize on them.

In imaginanation there is no limitation – Mark Victor Hansen.

We are all blessed with imagination.It just needs to be exercised frequently like a muscle to see any meaningful gains.The best way to boost your imagination is to not only use your physical eyes but those contained within the mind.


Don’t be afraid to get dirty on the playground of your imagination because imagination is the soil that makes dreams come to life.

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