Listen to your elders advice.Not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong-unknown

The thing about life is that it never comes with a Manual.But there is one that comes close and they are our elders.If you have a problem that you can’t find your way out of try asking your elders.


They have a way of looking at things from different angles that could prove useful to you,should you ever find yourself in a predicament.

My late grandmother was my best friend because she always had wise counsels for me and i could trust her with any secret.I believe many people share the same bond with one or both of their grandparents.I always feel comfortable spending time with the elderly because they always have great stories to share .Most of them with important life lessons.


Keep the counsel of the elderly and you will avoid the expenses of a thousand mistakes because they have been there and done that.There is an old african saying which says :

What the old man sees sitting down.The child can’t see even if he climbs the highest mountain.

Remember he who asks for directions will never lose his way.

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