They say opportunity only knocks but once but this rule i believe only applies to the common man.This saying does not hold true for those with influential friends.This influential friends have the right connections in high places.


To have this kind of friends who can make doors of opportunities open for you requires you to do three simple things :




1. Save

2.Save more

3.Keep Saving.



If you have not figured it out by now.You will in a couple of moments.The influential friends i am talking about is MONEY .You see money has feeings just like us if you can save them like a True Superhero.They will be forever grateful and will always come through for you when you need their help.

How do i know they will come through for you ?

Because unlike people you can really COUNT on them(money)to have your back when things get rough or when you need their support or blessings.

How many times have you wished that you had access to ready cash to sign up for a particularly lucrative project,buy up assets that you know have great potentials when they get listed in the market at a give away price,felt helpless at personal financial emergencies.

The good news is that you can avoid all the above listed situations and more.If you just save a portion of your earnings for rainy days or when the opportunity of a lifetime comes knocking and sells itself to you.

To really be consistent in your savings.You will need to have self control and make some daily sacrifices by controlling your spending habits.

If you can manage to do this then you would have influential friends ready to back you up when you need them.And if  opportunities does not knock on your door,you have the resources to build your own.

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