Great and accomplished personalities like Oprah Winfrey,Richard Branson and Bill gates never knew they would be blessed with so much wealth.The wealth they got is a testament of the people’s lives they have affected and continue to affect with their philanthropic work.


It seems to me that the more they give,the more they receive and with greater interest.This mindset of giving did not just start from when they earned their first million.It is something that came naturally to them.

Each of them had their own special way of giving to people.If you look closely at Oprah,Branson and Gates you would see that they removed the focus from themselves and instead focused on how they could improve the lot of the common people who are not as fortunate as them.This earned each of them the goodwill of the people and with goodwill comes wealth.

Now they have wealth in abundance plus the goodwill of the people.The goodwill of the people they have earned also draws in governments,companies and organizations associations with them.Because associating with them makes their brands,businesses and their philanthropy more appealing to the people guaranteeing their success in the process.

There is something to be learned from men and women like this and it is that you should focus on finding viable ways to be of service to your fellow men and women.Doing this you will attract to yourself the goodwill of the people and soon enough opportunities will open its doors and it purse to you.

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