Don’t despair over what you don’t have today.Tomorrow is pregnant with great opportunities though not all opportunities that present itself to you are healthy.


Anything that promises great wealth with minimal effort and does not really makes sense to you but only to the one offering it should be investigated to confirm its authencity.


If you look by the way will see many people who have lost their lives or livelihoods to living on the fastlane.With fast cars,fast money,fast women,drugs and a gambling addiction as the main reason many people end up as roadkill.


The point i am trying to make is “speed kills”.One might feel that he has control of the situation but in a split second can lose all control with no time to make corrections to his course or slow down fast enough to avoid impending disaster.

It is far better to go at a speed you can control that is you would have ample time to react to the conditions and traffic on the road.Also you will have the opportunity to take in the sights,be relaxed and not be in a constant state of tension.Another advantage here is that you won’t miss helpful markers that would either guide you to your destination or warn you of hazards ahead.Both of which you would miss if you were travelling at a high rate of speed.


In the journey of life.It is important to note that everyone has their timeline.Someone is always going to be ahead of you in finance,career,marriage,children or seem to have everything working out for them.

Again i repeat that you should not despair.Be happy for them,don’t let jealousy be your anthem,because jealousy is another form of insanity.It blinds you to reason and opportunities.

Everyone has a different path in life.So don’t be jealous of someone’s present success.There are those who got first class degrees in the universities¬† and are now working for school dropouts or those who never sat inside the four walls of a school.


When going on a journey of self discovery.It is important to put things in perspective that is ask yourself questions like:

  • Why you are going on this journey?
  • Do you have everything you need for it?
  • What you hope to accomplish?
  • What you are willing to sacrifice to reach your destination?

To conclude this post.I leave you with a quote:

It is not how fast you go but how far you go fast. -T.Rafael Cimino

Thanks for reading.I wish you Safe Journeys.Stay tuned for more awesome blog posts.Cheers

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