Mike Tyson at his prime was known by several names.The baddest man on the planet,kid dynamite,Iron mike and to crown it all-The youngest undisputed heavy champion of the World.He also holds the third longest unified boxing reign.


His dominance of the sport took a turn for the worse.When he lost Constantine Cus D’Amato.His principal           trainer,manager,step-in surrogate dad,mentor and above all a true friend to the cold hands of death.This was a man who had mike tyson best interests at heart and provided the much needed discipline and stability that made Mike Tyson an unbridled force of nature in the boxing ring propelling him to the top of the sport.


Following the death of Cus D’amato.Mike Tyson started to unravel aided by money hungry opportunists posing as friends who saw him as nothing more than as a very profitable means to an end.

With no structure or guidiance.He started declining on and off the ring losing his undisputed status.He started amassing debts,legal troubles some of which lead to his incarceration.


Long after his incarceration he battled with depression,drugs,debts and also having some run ins with the law.It was only after associating himself with good friends that he started to have a change in fortune and to rebrand himself.

He has to his name a book he authored titled  “the undisputed truth” which made it into the New York best seller’s list.Movies like IP MAN ,Hangover and most recently in “China Salesman”

He has had movies and animations made about him and continues to receive endorsement deals from businesses and corporations all vying for his attention.Even though he will probably never be as wealthy as he once was.Mike Tyson found a way to free himself from his personal hell and once again become relevant today.What could be the secret to his redemption? .In my own personal opinion i believe his warrior spirit had something to do with it.Maybe he rediscovered it and it has proved useful to him once again.


The story of the once undisputed champion of the world is packed full of life lessons that we could all learn a thing or two from and they are :

  • Surround yourself with friends,family and loved ones who will keep you grounded just like Cus D’Amato did for Mike Tyson.
  • Never seek the coward’s way out.There is always light at the end of the tunnel.No matter how dark it is.
  • Life’s bitter struggles has a way of revealing talents and qualities that would otherwise lie dormant and undiscovered within you if adversities or problems don’t challenge you.

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