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Five Hazards of Overthinking.

Pixabay One of  the things that seperates Man from the animals is our ability to think things through in a logical and rational way before taking any course of action. Although thinking has evolved to become one of mankind's super power.It can just as easily turn out to become our kryptonite/weakness when we overdo it. Overthinking becomes a problem when we exaggerate a problem out of proportion,creating issues where none exists.It has far reaching consequences when we let it get out of control. Listed below are five reasons why overthinking things is hazardous to us : 1.Missed Opportunities. Pixabay. When we overthink things.It causes us to freeze at critical moments when we need to be objective and clear headed to recognize and seize great opportunities when they present themselve to us. 2.Sabotages Relationship. Pixabay. Jealousy,insecurity, and animosity are all products of overthinking and it has caused a large percentage of marriages to end in divorce simply because those who suffer from it suspect their loved ones of either having an affair or falling out of love of with them when infact nothing could be further from the truth. 3.Insomnia. (more…)

By Badmusgreene, ago